Planning for a new home can be an exciting, challenging, and sometimes an overwhelming experience. For most everyone, a new home is one of the largest financial decisions we will make, and if done properly, can provide benefits for years to come.


Your home can bring you and your family benefits in ways money can’t buy. The right home reflects the priorities of your family, from a vaulted great room that is perfect for holiday celebrations to a sunlit breakfast area that is ideal for Saturday morning breakfasts with the family. We have well qualified design team that can assist you in the selection and design of your new home. It is equally useful for selecting from a library of existing plans as well as guiding you in the design of a custom home. You will be asked to define priorities, establish needs, and explore adjacencies – all of which combine to form a foundation of guidelines from which to proceed. Architectural styles and types can range from the historical American styles to the European influenced styles to the Mediterranean styles. The slope or terrain of your proposed site can serve as one of the most important factors in determining the type of foundations appropriate for your home. For example, in building a home on a slab foundation, you would typically look for a fairly level lot or appropriate building site to minimize the amount on cut and fill that might otherwise be required. Selecting a building site is also important. Real Estate agents inform us one of the most important factors in choosing a lot is the general location or neighborhood. Important factors include, adjacent property values, local communities, schools, churches, shopping, views, lakefront access and proximity to your work place. Even if you do not have school age children, the resale and retained property values of a quality school system will affect the value of your home for many years to come.

Once you have completed the main sections of planning, including square footage calculations, establishing a program, defining requirements, describing features, adjacencies, exterior styles, and site conditions, you have established a comprehensive list of criteria necessary to effectively assist in the design of a new home or select from existing plans that meet your specific needs and construction is ready to begin.

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