You’re Always Part of the Process

We reward your trust in building a new home with Daphne Construction by keeping you informed and involved throughout the construction process. From pouring the slab to final checkpoints and orientation, you play a key role in the progress of your home with ample opportunities to provide input.


Building Trust

In addition to the quality assurance checkpoints during key construction phases outlined below, your Daphne Construction New Home Counselor will answer any questions you may have as well as keep you up-to-date and involved in your home’s progress on an ongoing basis.

Obtaining Permits

Once your purchase agreement is finalized, your home is placed on our start schedule. It should take about two to three weeks before you see something happen. During this time, we begin the first step in your home’s construction by preparing and obtaining all the required structural, plumbing, mechanical, and electrical permits. These permits ensure your home meets and exceeds local and national regulations for efficiency and safety. Once approved by the proper officials, we will begin building your new home to these specifications. In the meantime, get your camera ready! You’ll want to have a scrapbook to look back on someday.

Construction and Checkpoint 1

The next step in your home’s construction is pouring the home’s foundation, We start with a solid foundation, as footings are set, rough plumbing installed, and steel rebar is laid. Then we allow the concrete foundation to cure for seven days to maximize its strength, durability, and stability; providing your family with a solid foundation. Don’t worry; foundations always look much smaller than one would think. Your home really will fit on that slab of concrete! Next, we complete the rough framing with the lightweight autoclaved aerated concrete (AAC) panel , and the installation of windows, exterior doors, and rough mechanicals. Upon completion of these steps, you can request a pre-drywall orientation with our construction superintendent to see behind the walls before we close them up with drywall.

Construction and Checkpoint 2

The next stage in building your new home includes installing drywall, fireplace surrounds, cabinets and vanities, exterior finishes such as brick, siding, stucco and stone, and installing countertops, electrical components and plumbing, and completing interior finishes and trim. At this stage, we will accompany you on a thorough orientation of your new home before closing. From learning how to light the furnace to where you can shut off the water, you’ll learn all the exciting features in your new home and how to operate them. Outside we’re laying the driveway and completing the roof as it is beginning to look like a home.

Construction and Checkpoint 3

Next, we finish the details inside and out, as the flooring is laid, the paint is touched up and the landscape and fence(s) are installed. It is at this point, that the home is inaccessible until your New Home Orientation Tour. During this stage, there are many components that might be disturbed by visitors. Then we’ll finish the clean-up and schedule your New Home Orientation Tour.

Scheduling Movers & Moving Possessions

Your Daphne Construction Coordinator will provide an estimated date for move-in. Please be aware that there are a lot of variables in the construction process that can affect this date. When scheduling movers, a good rule of thumb is to wait until about 30 days prior to your closing. At that point, set a tentative date with your movers, then at 14 days prior to closing lock in the moving date with the moving company. If you’re anxious to begin moving your possessions into your new home, you can begin doing so as soon as all the paperwork is signed on your closing date.

New Home Orientation Tour

The countdown is over. The work is done, as we conduct the New Home Orientation Tour. At this time we perform a room-by-room tour to demonstrate the operating procedures of the key components of your home as well as review the warranty service procedure. Normally, this orientation occurs three to five days before close of escrow, so we’ll have time for any final touch-ups before your Community Representative contacts you to present you with your keys and Welcomes You Home!

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