From project planning to the final paint job, Daphne Construction does it all. And with our skilled craftsmen and state-of-the-art equipment, we’re here to make sure your commercial property is nothing short of exceptional.

Commercial Services

  • *renovations
  • *pavers
  • *metal building construction
  • *thermography inspections
  • *roofing services
  • *insulated concrete form building
  • *concrete storm shelters and safe rooms

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At Daphne Construction, we offer complete custom residential design and building services. From the designing blueprints to final construction to renovations, we’re here to bring out the beauty in every home

Residential Services

  • *custom home building
  • *remodeling
  • *pavers
  • *thermography inspections
  • *insulated concrete form houses
  • *concrete shelters
  • *safe rooms

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Our Process

Survey & Quotation


Conduct an inspection of the property to avoid future potential

Before we begin the design stage, we inspect the property for any potential problems during our initial consultation.


Preliminary Design

Measurements are taken to make preliminary drawings

Once the property is surveyed and measurement have been made, the information is combined with the design brief.  At this point, Daphne Construction designs the blueprints and works any last minute details out with the customer.

Schematic Design


Present the preliminary drawings to the customer

Once the blueprints are designed, they are discussed with the customer for the final arrangements before the construction process can begin.


Preparing for Construction

Plan steps for when construction can begin

Preparing for construction can consist of a variation of different preparation methods, depending on the requested service. Before this stage begins, Daphne Construction makes sure to discuss all relevant matters in this process with the customer beforehand.

Construction Begins


Clearing the site of waste to begin the construction. 

The construction process consists of several stages, each one requiring a specific checklist. If anything is requested of the customer during this period, Daphne Construction will always notify them well in advance.


Selected work