2015 Trends in Home Design

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The purpose of having a custom home built or having major renovations done is to create a layout that is personal to your liking. Nevertheless, just for your knowledge, we wanted to share some of the requests from others and trends that are commonly seen today. According to the National Association of Home Builders (NAHB), one of the most significant changes in home designs and construction is the size of the home. The average size of a new home is approximately 2,152 square feet, which is reported to be 10 percent smaller than is was in 2010. Of course, this study may not account for the price of the home or the available size lots, or if owners are more conservative on their finances. Other considered reasons may be to reduce expenses on heating and cooling.


Living Room Layout

Living rooms today are combined with the kitchens, which are commonly known as great rooms. This provides more room for the family to visit while in different areas of the home. It also provides a more spacious look with less hallways and walls between the rooms. According to other home designers, many of the rooms we commonly known today are expected to fade away and no longer exist in the near future. These rooms include the living room and formal dining room, as well as mudrooms and third bathrooms.

Kitchen Basics

According to a NAHB survey, recessed lighting, double sinks, and ample room to sit and eat are the top trends in kitchen designs. As mentioned before, people today more prefer a larger room, such as a great room, with a larger table space to eat their meals and enjoy those special occasions with the family. Other areas not seen as much include the massive walk-in pantries, computer areas, and large central islands. Wine coolers and hot water dispensers are also fading.

Going Green

One of the biggest trends today is going green and having a more energy efficient home. This is an area that Daphne Construction specializes with the usage of high-performance autoclaved aerated concrete (AAC), which more home buyers are requesting. ACC is used today in both the construction of homes and businesses. Other ways homes are going green is with energy-efficient windows and appliances, and water-efficient features such as dual-flush toilets and low-flow faucets. Areas that are less seen in new-home construction include additional insulation, solar heating, and tank less water heaters. High energy-efficiency ratings is expected to continue reaching an all-time high as consumers are more aware of the long-term savings and other positive implications associated with energy efficiency.

Color and Material Trends

Trends in colors and materials are imaginably the most likely to change from one year to another. These decisions are a matter of taste and preference of the homeowner. Mixed metals, such as gold and copper, or wood mixed with metals, are expected to become more popular. Others are stepping away from the super-dark hand scraped floors and leaning more towards engineered woods with a lighter and more natural finish. Some designers feel that white, grey, and washed wood finishes are expected to become more preferred in the following years. Others suggest having stone floors, as this is starting to show up in unexpected places like master bedrooms.

Bathroom Preferences

Something that has shown to become more popular an affordable is freestanding bathtubs, which provides a more contemporary look. However, for those who much prefer a shower on a regular basis prefer to save space and use it towards a much bigger linen closet or a two-person shower. Another trend rising upwards is the request for fixtures that control multiple water sources. In addition, touchscreen displays that give homeowners more control over features such as water flow and temperature are also on the rise.

While trends and preferences on home designs continuing to change from one year to another, the most important part of a home, is designing it to your liking. At Daphne Construction, our goal is to make a home that you can call yours. Our team of designers and construction developers are always available to meet your needs. For additional information on how we can construct or remodel your home, contact our team at 225-366-2299. Learn how we can make your dream come true.