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Financing a New Home from the Ground Up

To help make your dreams happen, a home construction loan is usually needed. But before you dream of building a new house from the ground up, you need to understand more about construction loans. Home construction loans are a little different from most loans. So, we have put together some information and provided it to you in this article to help describe how they work. The most important part before seeking a construction loan, is make sure that your financial matters are in order like you would for any loan. It’s a wise decision to have some preliminary discussions with different lenders so that you can understand your borrowing capacity and be prequalified when the time comes.  

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Why Home Buyers Prefer New Homes

New homes built today offer more benefits than ever before. One of the biggest benefits to having a home built, for example, is that you get to help design it. Why not design your dream home with your wants and needs. You do not have to settle for what the builder chooses on everything. While the team at Daphne Construction are very professional home designers with high rankings in Louisiana, their number one goal is to build the home the buyer is longing. During the initial phase of the design of the home, let the team know your preferences when it comes to things like cabinets, countertops, Energy Star appliances, carpets, and even flooring materials. You can choose whether you want an exquisite bath with specific countertops and recessed lighting or other options that you love. We want your new home to reflect your style preferences, not just someone else's.  

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