Why Home Buyers Prefer New Homes

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New homes built today offer more benefits than ever before. One of the biggest benefits to having a home built, for example, is that you get to help design it. Why not design your dream home with your wants and needs. You do not have to settle for what the builder chooses on everything. While the team at Daphne Construction are very professional home designers with high rankings in Louisiana, their number one goal is to build the home the buyer is longing. During the initial phase of the design of the home, let the team know your preferences when it comes to things like cabinets, countertops, Energy Star appliances, carpets, and even flooring materials. You can choose whether you want an exquisite bath with specific countertops and recessed lighting or other options that you love. We want your new home to reflect your style preferences, not just someone else’s.

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When choosing the floor plan, you want it to meet your needs. Questions to ask include – Do you want a home with a cathedral ceiling? Do you want French doors? Do you want master walk in closets in the bathroom or bedroom? What about the private swimming pool or Jacuzzi. When you buy a home, many of the decisions will be based on your budget. You could have all the things mentioned above or more. However, many of the ideas you have can be added at a later date. Discuss your ideas with our home designer.

Another plus to buying a new house versus a previously owned is the warranty. All new items are under a warranty, unlike a used home, where the products may need to be replaced. When you choose a used home, you have to consider the cost to replace the roofing tiles, appliances, water heater, air conditioner, and more. With the new home you could have a warranty cover the major appliances, for example, one-year or even ten-years, to help avoid concerns that an appliance is no longer working properly and what will it cost you. Having the warranty can offer you years of comfort and enjoyment.

Buying a new house will also save you on energy costs. With the latest AAC materials used to build new homes, you will save even more in the end. Homes that were built just six years ago cannot compete with homes built today. Older homes were built with drafty windows and older style insulation – nothing like what’s offered today. New homes have to meet the current federal standards. Today, homes are built with double or triple panel windows, better insulation, and AAC material that will keep you cool during those humid days in Louisiana and warm during those cold winters with more energy savings. Special window coatings between the layers of glass are often available. Ask for more information.

Another benefit to the new home is the indoor air quality. Having better air quality will make the home more comfortable to live in for your family. When new homes are built, they are required to meet strict energy standards. These standards include high-performance energy efficiency with state-of-the-art ventilation and air filtration. Therefore, new houses offer a more comfortable environment around the year.

New homes are also safer. For example, garage openers come standard with infrared beams designed to stop the movement of the door if something is in the way. Today’s high-efficiency furnaces and air conditioners use the latest environmentally friendly coolants. Materials use less volatile organic compounds that put less fumes in the air and contributes to better air quality. New homes also use state-of-the-art circuit breakers. In regards to the circuit breakers, you can also request the installment of a generator or just the generator plug. Previously built homes may not be able to have a circuit breaker built for generators without modification due to the new code that requires a distance between the gas lines and the power lines.

Finally, new homes require less maintenance than previously owned houses. Eco-friendly materials make new homes more reliable. New homes require less care because the different components. And don’t forget that new home feeling. A used home was someone else’s dream, not yours. It reflects their choices. New homes offer the latest designs, style, comfort, and quality. They provide a care-free lifestyle so that you can enjoy. If you are interested in that new home, contact us today to get started on your dreams. You will be glad you did!

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